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Welcome to the (temporary) website for the Sandtoft Miniature Railway (group).
This website has now been up and running since 2000, some 23 years after the formation of the group to operate a miniature railway at the Sandtoft Transport Centre in 1983. The group operated the railway at Sandtoft from 1983 until 2000. The miniature railway was run very successfully during those years and became a very huge attraction with the visitors, especially the children.
Due to operational difficulties the railway ceased all operations in May 2000 and some of assets were transferred to Thorne except the societies rail which was put in store for further use at later date . The group was invited by Doncaster & District Model Engineering Society Ltd to transfer their operations at what was called the Thorne Memorial Park Miniature Railway .
Our members were active at the this miniature railway becoming also members of the Doncaster & District model Engineering Society who set up the railway in the park. Work to enhance the miniature railway with the help of Thorne Moorends Town Council work began to add extra track rolling stock etc.  We were very successful in obtaining a considerable amount of funding and sponsorship for projects such as chairs, tables, marquees, new carriages and electric locomotives for the miniature.
However 2011 saw a range of difficulties for the Sandtoft Miniature Railway group members many having moved to other museums amid railway projects.. Lessons learnt at Sandtoft in 2000 soon made us sadly take the decision to pull out of this miniature railway in Thorne. Some members transferred to a miniature railway at Stockholes Farm including some of the rolling stock. The locomotive Remus was put into storage pending a full restoration project that is now underway in 2018.
A new project not too far away may see a revival but in all essence it looks as though through the passing of time the group and its activities will be part of the history of what was once a thriving and very popular railway and attraction for the Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft. However on Sunday 23rd September 2017 a portable railway track was set up for a Steam Event at the Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft for the day on part of the former Sandtoft Miniature Railway track bed near he engine shed.

23rd September 2017 for a few hours the former SMR track bed comes back to life since 2000

For the first time since 2000 the former railway track bed at Sandtoft saw a train back in operation on a temporary track proved by Jack Salter. Jack with his locomotive will be taking it along to St Lawrence's Church in Hatfield for the Santa Specials.  Above almost connecting to the track 1983 track embedded in concrete at the Central Arena entrance.  Whether this section of 1983 track ever sees use again is a possibility is far from certain.

Trolleybuses once again the first time since 2000 could be seen running alongside the former railway track bed. The railway again proved to be an attraction for the adults too.

Progress with the Steam Locomotive Remus for the 2018 Steam Rally

During June 2018 work to furbish the boiler fittings has got underway by Jordan who kindle supplied these photographs

Jordan had repainted the cab and boiler fittings a few years ago in readiness for the reassembly of Remus

Below now part of history some photographs of the railway at Sandtoft that reflect an era no more. 

1996 the railway shed and the rolling stock on display. Sadly all that now remains is the railway shed which is now a Bicycle Museum and where the platform was this is now a storage area or road rollers as you will see below. All tracks were eventually removed by 2001 and the railway is no more. Perhaps with the new land purchases proposed at the museum in 2014 a new railway can be developed, but that would entail attracting new members which the Sandtoft Miniature Railway do not have due to the passing of time since 2000. Planning, purchasing of rolling stock and new rail and all the other logistics that will have to be pulled together would be major challenge now. Anyhow this website has been retained to form a written and illustrated history of the miniature railway that once served the museum.

Photographs taken in December 2013 with the road roller and other items. To the right the last remaining track in the concrete base for the museum's car park and exhibition grass area. (still there in September 2014)

Pre- 2000 trains travelling over the last section of track that still survives at the Museum.

Due to the a building from Immingham known as the Pelham House being constructed on what was one the railway station the reinstatement of a miniature railway is now not feasible.

Please note all photographs on this website were taken by myself unless otherwise stated and are my copyright

This web site has been set up and is maintained at no cost to the Sandtoft Miniature Railway group

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

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