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(Left) Sadly Santa is not booked for a visit to Sandtoft in 2017 and certainly he would not be able to drive a train as the tracks have long gone since 2000. The locomotive is presently in store undergoing further work. The carriage tops returned to a location at Blaxton. The remaining tracks that were still in situ after the closure were lifted and foolishly sold by one of the former members of the museum. Some still remain in store in another location. (Right) In 2017 some of the track bed ballast still survives covered by the leaves from the trees in November. The museums acquired road roller stands where the rail once formed  part of the complex from the Railway Shed. This building now houses the Cycle Museum. So no Santa, no Santa Special trains the museums wild life will all that will be heard on what once was wonderful day for the children and parents and grandparents.   See photograph below to see the tracks etc and rolling stock of the former miniature railway.

The start of the re-restoration of Remus October 2017

Work has started with the locomotive being put on the workshop bench by Jordan during the last  week. Hopefully upon completion the locomotive will be visiting some local miniature railway. An appearance at  The Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft is a possibility for the 2018 Steam Fair using portable track.

23rd September 2017 for a few hours the former SMR track bed comes back to life since 2000

For the first time since 2000 the former railway track bed at Sandtoft saw a train back in operation on a temporary track proved by Jack Salter. Jack with his locomotive will be taking it along to St Lawrence's Church in Hatfield for the Santa Specials.  Above almost connecting to the track 1983 track embedded in concrete at the Central Arena entrance.  Whether this section of 1983 track ever sees use again is a possibility is far from certain.

Trolleybuses once again the first time since 2000 could be seen running alongside the former railway track bed. The railway again proved to be an attraction for the adults too.

It had been hoped to have Remus back together in time for the steam Fair at Sandtoft but there is still a lot of work to do to get the locomotive back together after having the cladding removed for repainting. However the track awaits its first testing next to the engine shed for the locomotive to under go its first trials.  Photos 29th September 2017.

27th May 2016 "A History of the Sandtoft Miniature Railway" presentation visits Worksop

The digital slide show took to the road to visit a group holding their meeting at The Station Hotel opposite the railway station. Exhibits including some documentation was set on display for the audience to have a look at prior to and after the presentation. 

Welcome to the website for the Sandtoft Miniature Railway (group).
This website has now been up and running since 2000, some 26 years (as of 2016) after the formation of the group to operate a miniature railway at the Sandtoft Transport Centre in 1983. The group operated the railway at Sandtoft from 1983 until 2000. The miniature railway was run very successfully during those years and became a very huge attraction with the visitors, especially the children. However due to operational difficulties, damaged tracks plus other vandalism and an alleged assault caused by a small group of troublemakers (now no longer at the museum) in May 2000 the weekend after the May Day operating days. An EGM was held in Doncaster in June and an almost unanimous decision to completely cease operations after no action was taken to resolve the actions of the perpetrators thus our personal security to the members and railway  was no longer a safe proposition.

Some memories of the railway 1983--2000

A move to Thorne. Some of assets were loaned to Thorne except the societies rail which was put in store for further use at later date . The group was invited by Doncaster & District Model Engineering Society Ltd to transfer their operations to the Thorne Memorial Park Miniature Railway now renamed The Thornepark Railway.
Our members were active at the this miniature railway on a regular basis and successfully obtained a large amount of funding and sponsorship for projects at Thorne.
However in the 2010 we encountered a range of difficulties yet again. The 2011 season had the summer operating days reduced to the first and third Sunday of each month. This was part due to the lacking support of the D&DMESL members. Worst of all our members including myself became victims of some unfounded accusations and sorry to put it like this back stabbing in particular by one of D&DMES founder members of the D&DMEDL. The final straw was an unreported derailment, which one of our SMR members said should have been. A cover up get the coach back on the track is not the procedure when passengers have been thrown out onto the ground.  Lessons learnt at Sandtoft in 2000 soon made us sadly take the decision to pull out of this railway after a discussion with the SMR members.
Once again this meant that we were in limbo once again but some of members have now transferred to a miniature railway at Stockholes Farm including some of the rolling stock.

Left SMR member David Stubbins takes Remus around the tracks for the annual Summer Festival Event in July. In the middle we see the late Brian Wharton with the electric locomotive Mufuta that started operating at Sandtoft in 1996. Right after up righting the coaches they are placed back on the tracks. No paper work or inspection took place before the train service continued as if nothing had happened. Not good enough so this is the final action amongst many that made the SMR group and several other members of the D&DMESL to call it a day. 

This web site has been set up and is maintained at no cost to the Sandtoft Miniature Railway group

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

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